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Taking Care of Discolored Teeth

When you have discolored teeth, you may want to hide your smile when you should be showing it off. Luckily, there are many options to treat discolored teeth. Dr. William Huckin, a provider of cosmetic dentistry in Dallas, TX, highlights the treatment options available at his dental practice. cosmetic dentistry in dallas, tx

Professional Teeth Whitening

When you think of getting whiter teeth at your dentist, professional teeth whitening is probably what you think of. Professional teeth whitening offers results that over the counter products cannot. Drugstore teeth whitening options are one size fits all, often leading to uneven coverage and problems with sensitivity. The bleaching agent is more likely to come into contact with the gums.

At our dental practice, we offer quality in-office teeth whitening services. You’ll get a whiter smile in an hour at our office. First, a protective coating is applied to the gums and other soft tissue. We want to make sure that this doesn’t come into contact with the bleaching agent.

Then, a whitening gel is applied to your teeth. The bleaching agent in this gel is activated by a special light. You’ll get protective glasses for your eyes to make sure they aren’t damaged by the light. After about an hour, you’ll have teeth that are multiple shades whiter!

Porcelain Veneers

Not every discoloration can be treated with traditional methods. For certain cases of genetics, trauma, or medication causing discolored teeth, porcelain veneers are a viable option. Veneers are thin shells of high-quality dental ceramic that go over the front and sides of your teeth. This material is made to be durable and stain-resistant, leading to a restoration that lasts years.

To get veneers, a thin amount of your tooth structure is removed. Impressions are taken so the veneers can be made custom for your smile. They’re sent away to a lab to be developed and will be fitted on your teeth when they’re back in the office. We want to make sure they lay flat with the rest of your teeth and are comfortable for you to wear. Once you’re happy, we’ll permanently bond them to the teeth.

Dental Bonding

If you’re looking for an economical option or aren’t ready to commit to something permanent, dental bonding may be the right choice for you. The bonding material is made of a biocompatible resin that’s color-matched to your teeth. The resin is malleable and can also help to take care of cosmetic chips in your teeth.

With bonding, a minimal amount of your tooth structure is removed to make sure the bonding material can adhere properly. The resin will be matched to the shade of white you’re looking for. Dr. Huckin will apply the resin to your teeth and manipulate it so that it looks natural. A special light is used to harden the resin, and it’s then polished to match the natural sheen of the rest of your teeth.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Dallas, Texas

We’re ready to take care of your discolored smile and all of your other cosmetic needs. Call us or schedule an appointment online today.