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Missing Teeth Dallas, TX

Many of our patients visit our Dallas dental office to see what can be done about their missing teeth. Tooth loss occurs for a variety of reasons, including facial injury, gum disease, tooth decay, or genetics. With today’s advances in dental healthcare, you don’t have to deal with missing teeth for long. Regardless of why you are missing one or more teeth, Dr. Huckin can assist you in providing both functional and attractive treatment options to restore your smile.

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Replacing Missing Teeth in Dallas

From dental implants to a full set of dentures, we can help patients restore their smiles. Restoring a missing tooth can help prevent further tooth loss and teeth shifting. Additionally, it can also help to improve your natural bite, speaking, and chewing patterns. An experienced restorative dentist in Dallas, Dr. Huckin offers his patients a wide range of tooth replacement solutions, including:

  • Dental Implants- The most natural way to replace a single missing tooth is through a dental implant. This process involves a small titanium screw that is surgically implanted into the jaw bone. Once the implant fuses with the bone, a dental crown is placed on top of it. This allows the dental implant to look and function like a natural tooth.
  • Dentures and Partials – Dentures and partials are used to replace a full arch or full set of missing teeth. Our dentures are made of high-quality dental porcelain and are designed to look like natural teeth.
  • Dental Bridge- A dental bridge is commonly used to replace several consecutive missing teeth. In this process, Dr. Huckin removes a substantial amount of tooth enamel from adjacent teeth. These teeth anchor the dental bridge in place.

Following a thorough evaluation, Dr. Huckin will discuss these options with you to determine what will best meet your needs and goals for your smile.

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If you are missing one or more teeth we understand your desire to restore your smile as soon as possible. Not only are missing teeth a cosmetic issue, but they can have significant effects on your other surrounding, healthy teeth and your daily quality of life. Rest assured that we have a variety of treatment options to meet your tooth replacement needs. For a  compassionate, highly trained and experienced dental health care team in Dallas, Texas, contact Dr. Huckin’s office today.