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Dental Anxiety Dallas, TX

We recommend that our patients see us every six months, though some patients struggle to do this because of an overwhelming fear of the dentist. We welcome all patients into our office and will work with you to overcome this fear. For those patients who experience dental anxiety, Dr. Huckin is here to provide compassionate and comprehensive care.
dental anxiety treatment in Dallas Texas

Is Dental Anxiety Preventing You From Visiting The Dentist?

We see many patients in our office who experience dental anxiety. Dental anxiety can be the result of past bad experiences at the dentist’s office, complications from previous procedures, or a fear of dental pain or discomfort.

We do our best to address all concerns you may have over dental anxiety. If you are nervous about meeting with a dentist, know that Dr. Huckin offers compassionate care to all patients, regardless of the current condition of your smile.

If you’ve neglected your dental health for one reason or another, we’re here to help you–not judge you! Our office works with you to set up a treatment plan and move forward together. Additionally, if you require more invasive procedures, our team works to ensure that any discomfort you feel during the process is minimal and limited.

We offer sedation dentistry to keep you relaxed during all of our procedures.

If you are still nervous about making an appointment with us, we are happy to provide a consultation with you. During this consultation, we can offer you a tour of our office and allow you to meet our team before any oral exam or cleaning takes place. This enables you to get to know our office and ask any questions you might have regarding our processes.

Sedation is one of the best ways to make sure patients get the care they need. If you have extensive work that needs to be completed, sedation helps you stay calm throughout the whole thing. More procedures can be done at one time when sedation is involved. You stay calmer and don’t fidget, making it easier for the dentist to get the work that’s needed completed quickly. You don’t have to make as many trips to the dentist, either.

The Importance of Proactive Dental Health

It is best not to procrastinate on your dental health. Many dental issues like gum disease or teeth grinding do not show obvious symptoms until they result in significant damage. We encourage you to visit our office regularly to ensure that your dental health is taken care of.  Poor dental health puts you at risk of severe health problems such as heart attack, stroke, and diabetes.

Dental anxiety prevents patients from getting the regular oral healthcare they need. Debilitating fear of the dentist can mean that patients are too scared to even walk through the door of the office. The whole environment can be a trigger. However, this means that patients are more likely to develop more serious dental problems. Avoiding regular checkups and cleanings gives plaque and tartar time to build up in hard-to-reach areas, causing tooth decay and gum disease.

Don’t let dental anxiety take a toll on your overall health. Dr. Huckin and our team are waiting to help you achieve your best smile–just give us a call!