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Missing Your Cosmetic Dentistry Appointment?

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, dental offices have been offering limited hours and mainly servicing emergencies. For patients that had appointments for other services, they may have been postponed or canceled. What does that mean if you were one of those with a canceled appointment? Dr. William Huckin, a cosmetic dentist in Dallas, TX, offers suggestions.dentist in dallas, texas

Get Your Appointment Rescheduled

Just because it was canceled doesn’t mean that you won’t get the cosmetic treatment you were looking for. Our office may have already reached out to you to get the appointment rescheduled for the future. If not, call us or use our online scheduling tool. After this crisis ends, we’re here to help you get the smile of your dreams!

Keep Up an Oral Healthcare Routine

While you’re at home, it’s important to make sure that you stick to a routine for oral care. We know how difficult it can be when your entire daily routine is upended. You may be adjusting to working at home or making sure your children are entertained. Little things can get left by the wayside. However, a good home oral care routine is how you prevent problems with tooth decay and gum disease.

Set a reminder or alarm on your phone to go off in the mornings and evenings. This can help remind you to brush and floss at least twice a day. It offers the added benefit of reminding everyone in your household if needed! It doesn’t hurt to brush more than that, either. If it’s easier to remember to just brush after every meal, do that. This helps get food particles out of your teeth ASAP.

Watch Your Diet

With the current times, it can be hard to eat a completely healthy and balanced diet. Grocery stores have limited hours and are struggling to keep products on the shelves. Times of crisis also lead us to comfort food, which often isn’t the best for us. However, there are some simple things you can do to help with your oral health through your diet.

First, avoid consuming too much sugar. Sugar is one of the most dangerous things for your teeth. Harmful oral bacteria use it as their main food source. They then release an acidic byproduct that eats through the enamel on your teeth. The more sugar you’re eating, the more of that byproduct that’s being released into your mouth.

Also, make water your drink of choice. It doesn’t contain hidden sugars or additives. In fact, if you’re drinking tap water, there’s a good chance that it’s fortified with fluoride. Fluoride helps to strengthen your tooth enamel. Even if it isn’t, water is still great for your oral health. It’s the best beverage to keep your mouth hydrated, helping to wash away sugars and food particles from your smile.

Your Cosmetic Dentist in Dallas, Texas

Dr. Huckin and the rest of the team are ready to make sure the stress of this pandemic hasn’t impacted your smile. With our cosmetic expertise, we’re prepared to give you the smile of your dreams. Call us or schedule an appointment online for the future!