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What To Know About Wisdom Tooth Extractions

Getting your wisdom teeth removed is a common procedure. Wisdom teeth are the final set of molars that usually come in during your late teens or early twenties. Most patients find that their wisdom teeth are misaligned or will cause overcrowding in their mouth if allowed to grow in. This is why they are commonly extracted before allowed to fully erupt. If you are getting your wisdom teeth removed or considering it, here are some answers to some commonly asked questions about wisdom tooth extraction.

How do I know if my wisdom teeth are coming in?

If you see a dentist regularly, your dental exams should include X-rays of your mouth. This allows your dentist to see if your wisdom teeth have developed and keep a close eye on their growth. At home, if your wisdom teeth are growing in, you may feel some jaw pain or gum sensitivity around the eruption site. Some people do not experience any symptoms when their wisdom teeth grow in.

Why do I need to get my wisdom teeth removed?

Unlike all of your other teeth, your wisdom teeth grow in at a later stage of your development, when your other teeth have already grown in. If there is not enough space for your wisdom teeth in the backs of your mouth, this could cause overcrowding. Additionally, as your wisdom teeth grow, your teeth may begin to shift to make space for them. This can cause misalignment and issues with your bite. Finally, wisdom teeth are extremely difficult to clean as they are in the far back of your mouth. Brushing them can be a challenge, which may lead to infection.

Will my wisdom tooth extraction hurt?

If your wisdom teeth have not erupted fully, a small incision will need to be made to remove them. The extraction site is completely numbed throughout this process, so you should not feel any pain. Some discomfort and pressure are common throughout most dental procedures. Talk to your dentist beforehand if you are especially nervous about the procedure. They may be able to offer you additional sedation dentistry options.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Dallas, TX

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