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Keeping Your Smile Healthy with Sedation Dentistry

Seeing your dentist regularly is key to maintaining a healthy and strong smile. But when fear and anxiety prevent you from going to the dentist, your mouth can suffer greatly. Even with proper at-home oral hygiene, you still need to see your dentist every six months to remove tartar and deep-seated plaque and to catch any early signs of dental problems. With sedation dentistry in Dallas, TX, many patients can control their anxieties and get the dental care they need to keep their smile healthy.

Sedation dentistry in Dallas, TX, can help patients overcome their fear of the dentist

Sedation Dentistry Vs. Anesthesia

Sedation dentistry is different from anesthesia. There are two main types of anesthesia: local and general. Local anesthesia is the most common type you’ll see in your dentist’s office. It’s used for many routine procedures, such as cavity fillings, and only numbs a portion of your mouth. General anesthesia is used on more complex cases, such as installing a dental implant, and puts your entire body under anesthesia.

Sedation, on the other hand, is used to help patients relax without taking away their bodily autonomy. Sedation also has two main types: oral and nitrous oxide. Oral sedation is a prescription drug that patients take before coming to their appointment. It often helps them feel more relaxed and at ease in the dental office. Nitrous oxide (commonly known as laughing gas) is delivered via a breathing apparatus in your nose. Breathing in the gas provides a similar relaxing effect that can help patients remain calm during dental procedures.

Is Sedation Dentistry in Dallas, TX, Right for You?

Not everyone needs sedation dentistry, but it can be a game changer for those who suffer from anxiety. Fear of the dentist’s office could lead to gum disease and other dental concerns as more and more time goes on with a checkup and cleaning. Sedation dentistry offers a non-invasive calming solution. Patients who tend to benefit the most from sedation dentistry include those who:

  • Suffer from fear and anxiety
  • Have difficulty sitting still
  • Suffer from involuntary movement
  • Have strong gag reflexes
  • Need multiple dental procedures performed in one appointment

Although it’s not a miracle solution, dental sedation has helped many patients reduce their anxiety and get the dental care they need for a healthy smile.

Are You Afraid of the Dentist?

Keeping up with dental checkups and appointments is the best way to keep your smile healthy and your bite strong. But if fear of the dentist prevents you from seeking proper dental care, sedation dentistry in Dallas, TX, could be the answer. Dr. William Huckin believes everyone deserves to feel safe and comfortable in his office. That’s why he works with each and every patient to find a sedation method right for their anxiety levels. If you need dental care but are afraid of the dentist, give us a call at 214.216.6577 to discuss your options.