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How to Handle a Dental Emergency

A dental emergency is any oral health problem that causes sudden or severe injury or pain. Common dental emergencies include toothaches, lost permanent teeth, broken dental restorations, and more. We recommend that patients contact our dental office if they have a dental emergency in the Dallas, TX area. Our team can find the source of patient emergencies and plan the correct treatment.

Dental Emergency in Dallas, Texas

Tips for Treating a Dental Emergency in Dallas, TX

There are several ways you can address emergencies at home. Here we will explore what you can do before you visit our office, as well as the treatments we offer for dental emergencies:

  • Knocked-Out Teeth: If you have lost a permanent tooth, try to locate it and rinse it in cool water. Handle the tooth by the crown or top. You can place the tooth back in its socket and gently bite it down. If you cannot place your tooth back in your mouth, place gauze or a clean cloth on your tooth socket to help stop bleeding. Contact our office and transport your tooth in a cup of saliva or in the side of your cheek. We may be able to place the tooth back in its socket if it is kept moist. If we cannot place the tooth, we will recommend implant treatment. Dental implants replace teeth at the root.
  • Toothache: Take pain medication at home and do not bite or chew near your affected tooth. Some causes of tooth pain can include dental injuries or tooth decay. Call our office if you have sudden or sharp tooth pain. We will find the cause of your pain.
  • Object Stuck Between Teeth: Gently floss between your teeth to dislodge the object. Contact our office if you cannot remove the object, and we can remove it for you using our dental tools.
  • Lost or Broken Dental Restoration: If you have just lost a dental crown, filling, bridge, or denture, call our office. Do not try to place the restoration back in your mouth as you can damage your teeth and gums. If we cannot place the restoration back in the mouth, we will recommend a replacement. Our team creates dental restorations using high-quality materials.

How Can You Prevent Dental Emergencies?

There are several tips to prevent emergencies, especially dental injuries or tooth loss:

  • Wear a sports mouthguard
  • Do not use your teeth to open anything
  • Wear a nightguard if you have a TMJ disorder
  • Do not chew on ice and avoid sticky, hard foods

Contact Dr. William Huckin for emergency dental care at 214.216.6577. You can schedule a dental appointment on our website if you have a dental problem but do not require emergency care. Please ask us any questions about your dental concerns, and we will be happy to help you.