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Restorative Dental FAQs

Do you need to restore one or more missing teeth? Are you looking for a way to renew the function and comfort of your smile Restorative dentistry not only offers replacement teeth for patients but can also address bite problems and gum infections. Dr. William Huckin is a restorative dentist in Dallas, TX who helps patients find the right care for their smiles. He collaborates with patients to address a variety of oral health issues with restorative care. Restorative dental treatments enhance the appearance and health of the teeth and gums.

restorative dentistry in Dallas, Texas

Q&A: Restorative Dentistry in Dallas, TX

Learn more about restorative dental care with answers to these popular questions:

Do I have gum disease if my gums bleed when I brush my teeth?

Bleeding gums are typically a sign of gingivitis or gum inflammation. However, if patients experience other symptoms, including gum sensitivity, purple or red-tinged gums, or even gum recession, they may already have periodontitis. Visit our dental office for regular cleanings and continue to brush and floss at home to stop bleeding gums. If you have additional symptoms, we can offer periodontal therapy.

What are the differences between dental bridges and partial dentures?

Bridges are used to “bridge the gap” left by one to four consecutive missing teeth. Partial dentures may also replace rows of lost teeth. However, partials can restore multiple rows of missing teeth in different areas of the mouth. When you visit our office, we will determine if you require a bridge or denture.

Am I a candidate for dental implant treatment?

Good candidates for implant treatment have healthy teeth and/or gums. Additionally, good implant candidates have enough healthy bone tissue left in their mouths to support the dental implant posts. If patients require gum disease treatment, root canal treatment, or bone grafting, we can help. Our patients need to be in good oral health before the implant procedure to ensure that the implants heal properly. Implants can fail if patients develop infections, so oral health is key.

How can I treat bruxism?

Bruxism, or teeth clenching and grinding, is a common symptom of TMJ disorders. Temporomandibular joint disorders can also cause jaw and tooth pain, tooth damage, and chronic headaches. For patients who clench or grind their teeth at night or when under stress, we offer nightguards. Nightguards are hard acrylic oral appliances that fit over the upper or lower arch of teeth. Because our nightguards are acrylic, they keep patients from chewing on their appliances and allow the jaw muscles to relax. Wearing a nightguard also protects the teeth from excessive wear or damage.

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